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Fit Fridays - Malasana

A message from Amanda Grant, Owner/CSS Group Fitness

Malasana: the ULTIMATE full-body mobility pose to open up the hips and lower back. Its many benefits include:

- Improved flexibility & mobility of the spine, back, abdomen, hips and legs
- Helps reduce back pain
- Improves digestive health
- Relieves stress and anxiety
- Improves blood circulation

I hold this pose at least once per day. It's much easier after a workout or when your muscles are warm. 20 seconds was painful at first but now I'm surpassing 3 minutes. It's been a game-changer!

Anyone with injuries should not try this. But if you're healthy - take your time easing into it, getting lower and holding longer over days of practice. Try it barefoot to boost ankle strength & mobility.

Fit Fridays - Malasana

Fit Fridays - Malasana
Fit Fridays - Malasana
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