The Every Ribbon Counts Knockout Challenge

Who: Seeking professionals and community leaders (MEN and WOMEN) to advocate for our mission; One Fight, For All Cancer. These individuals will represent a distinguished group of our community and are determined to raise awareness and funds to support programs, local support and mission implementation of the Every Ribbon Counts

Foundation and our partnering organizations. Contenders in the Every Ribbon Counts Knockout Challenge will select the cancer that they wish to fight for, and during their campaign will be referred to as Team Blue, Team Pink, Team Yellow pending the color associated with their cancer.

What: A six-week fundraising campaign kicking off October 15th and concluding November 27th, with a wrap up celebration December 4th. Three Knockout Challenge fundraisers will be facilitated by the Every Ribbon Counts Foundation and will be open to all “contenders” to fundraise for their personal campaigns. Additional fundraising can be organized by the individual contenders/teams. Marketing, resources, and website support will be provided to help teams promote their campaigns. Contenders will be charged with the mission of spreading The Every Ribbon Counts mission. We will ask that each contender be a “team leader” for their color for the duration of the campaign and to increase awareness for the specific color/cancer type they are advocating for.

When: October 15th to November 27th. An orientation and /video shoot will take place mid-September. A kick-off event will take place October 15th at a location TBD.  The Bling Your Bra Charity Auction will be held October 19th with additional events to be announced. The culminating event and awards night will be held on December 4th, 2021.

Where: Events will take place at various venues across the Lehigh Valley. Individual/Team events can be held as each team designs, including platforms for world-wide reach.

Why: The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation is committed to creating an immediate impact on the needs of individuals and organizations with the mission of helping those with cancer. With every dollar raised we are able to support and help established organizations with their resources for cancer patients, further educate and provide resources to families, and advocate for education and awareness.  The contenders in the Every Ribbon Counts Knockout Challenge will be instrumental in helping achieve these goals.

How: This campaign’s possibilities are endless. Each contender along with their team will create a fundraising goal and a game plan to spread awareness. Through implementation of these goals/plans this campaign has the opportunity to support numerous other organizations and to make an impact in the one fight against all cancer.