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The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation raised over $170,000 as part of our fundraising efforts over the past several years. These funds established non medical support funds, added program support options to the Cancer Support Community and the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, provided support to our last wish trip fund, and  helped meet the needs and goals of our partner non-profits and community service initiatives. We work with other non-profits in their fundraising efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Our volunteers have run half marathons in Disney with Kellsie's Hope Foundation and  raised funds to take rescue trucks to hurricane relief efforts in Florida. We also spend resources helping cancer patients navigate the system from diagnosis all the way  to treatment, and eventually to a better quality of life.   

Your donation online will help us fulfill our mission!
Our continual goal it to fight the fight, grow our Volunteer Leadership Board, spread the mission, and make our community a better place for all!

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Congrats to Hunter from Brown Daub Chevy in Nazareth who was the 2023 Auction Champion, earning the highest bid for the evening!


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Some of our donations at one of our events!


Every Ribbon Counts Foundation
What we Do

From raising funds to creating community awareness to partnering  with other non-profits with a similar vision and mission, the Every Ribbon Counts Foundation works to help all those affected by cancer, help support their families, friends, and create a community that cares in various ways. 

The Think Pink Foundation started by Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian in 1997 gave birth to the Every Ribbon Counts Foundation in 2019 with friend Abby Silfies. Now with esteemed leadership of a board of volunteers and partners, we have grown to be more than just a foundation supporting those with breast cancer. From events in Disney supporting the Kellie's Hope Foundation, to a challenge that supported the Cancer Support Community and the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the sky is the limit as to what we can do with  your help.

In 2021 we had the opportunity to work on the set of The Lucky Louie movie, supporting a few volunteers and actors with a dream. This lead to our involvement in The Hail Mary, produced by A Channel of Peace,  where a mom with lymphoma had a dream of seeing her son in a movie, and we helped support that dream.

Last Wishes. Dreams. Education. Advocacy. Awareness. Support. Financial Assistance.

Making a difference when a difference is needed.

 The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation is growing.

If you would like to join our Board, donate, host an event, or help volunteer with events we have planned, please reach out! or call the office phone at 610 703-3939.

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With the landfall of Hurricane Ian, many friends and family and cancer patients lost everything. EVERY. THING. Our teams got together, collected donations, and made the trek to Ft. Myers to deliver much needed supplies to the Ft. Myers warehouse supporting this rescue effort. This will be an ongoing process as all struggle to survive and recover. Thank you for your support for Operation Hope Trek 2022 and 2023.


Designing the perfect image for the Every Ribbon Counts Foundation started with a discussion between two friends who have had the passion of making a difference in the lives of those with cancer. From pink, to grey, to laying out how this ribbon would look with the flowers representing all of the colors of cancer was a moment of pure inspiration captured by TJ Bostian as he listened to the vision we had and how we wanted it to come across. From a pencil sketch born out of our conversation of how we want to change the world, we hope this ribbon inspires everyone to reach, share, grow, support, and connect with us in the One Fight against All Cancer while supporting our community at the same time.

The Story Behind Our Ribbon

Pink - The color associated with breast cancer, a fight that Susan and Abby  have volunteered for over the past 24 years
after the diagnosis of her mother, followed by her little sister a few years ago.

Grey - The color associated with brain cancer, a fight that has given the power behind the passion for many who fight the fight.

The Gladiola Flower - Strong, Moral Integrity, Loyalty. Has a strong and powerful history, and invokes passion. Grows in many colors, and grows best in a community of other gladiolas.

Our ribbon features the gladiola blossom symbolizing strength, passion, and the power of community.

The Every Ribbon Counts Foundation, One fight, for ALL Cancer while supporting our community.

Our commitment to raising funds here that stay here, creating a positive force for change in the Lehigh Valley and engaging our community to help support all those affected by cancer, provide support and education in our community.

The Reason We're Here

Learn How Every Ribbon Counts is Making A Difference

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Our Mission

Engaging our Community with the purpose of creating a positive difference in the lives of others through fundraising efforts, education, awareness,
and localized community support.

Our Vision

Engaging our community

in one fight for all cancer while supporting our community and those who need our help.

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Every Ribbon Counts

To receive information about upcoming events, to become a part of our Volunteer Leadership Board, or to inquire as to how you can become a corporate partner, sponsor, or volunteer, please fill out the form below.

(610) 417-2448

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